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Between World Wars, Gay Heritage Flourished In Berlin

GROSS: So now you are along the way of composing another guide called "Long Knives: Homosexuality In Nazi Germany. " Why maybe you have made a decision to carry on your quest on homosexual individuals in Germany?

BEACHY: Well, I was thinking whenever I began this that i might find yourself composing some concluding chapters or a concluding chapter about the Third Reich. And I also understood the subject had been way too big, and it also had been an independent topic and in addition a split book. In addition discovered some remarkable Gestapo files - so a collection that is huge of authorities files through the 1930s and very early 1940s that document the Nazi persecution of homosexual individuals, and these files are only unbelievable. The Nazis would arrest some body and interrogate them and defeat a complete history that is sexual then need that the patient recount each of their intimate associates, each of their internet sites. And they also're extremely abundant with that method, with regards to information.

There is an extra element, and therefore is because of one thing that i do believe we discussed a bit before. The clear presence of lots of gay-identified, in some instances openly homosexual, people who had been active in the Nazi movement and whom participated at the very least into the very early years then up to the Night that is so-called of Knives - up to the assassination of Rohm. And also this is a tremendously politicized and complicated history. No one's actually told it, and I also think it really is vitally important. Almost always there is this association that homosexual politics is progressive. It really is perhaps left-wing. It encourages threshold. But there are many exceptions that are clear those generalizations.

GROSS: Well, I look ahead to reading that guide. All the best with this.

BEACHY: many thanks.