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Could you let me know why you chose to take up a site that is dating furries? The thing that makes your service worth having to pay for?

FurFling's owners decided to go with not to ever reveal individual associates on your website. Numerous furries choose fan names for direct individual task; privacy is okay, but doing high level company may bring general public interest concern. For the reason that nature, why don't we expose that the owners work with a Whois that is public profile a target distributed to a Toronto university. It would appear that your website shares ownership (or connection that is intimate with, an online site that claims to own been established a 12 months earlier in the day in montreal. Both web internet sites look designed with the same pc software and meant to connect with one another; and also endeavor to protect, towards no body in particular, "Furfling not a scam. " FurryMate appears oriented towards vanilla love, with some free plus some premium service, while FurFling seems to interest more erotic activity, with stricter billing.

We reached off to FurFling and Furrymate with all the questions that are below. When they react, it is published as being a followup article.

I am focusing on a news web log article about furry internet dating sites, and I also would love to have reviews regarding your solution. Are you able to assist?

  • Are you able to let me know why you chose to begin a dating internet site for furries? Why is your service worth having to pay for?
  • Have you got any views about more general pay-dating websites for anybody such as for example
  • Furrymate and FurFling seem closely linked. Have you been the owners that are same?