American Marriage Agency / 17.02.2020

Bernie Taupin's First Wife (and "Tiny Dancer" Muse) to offer Elton John Lyric Sheets

Blue jean child. L.A. Woman. Seamstress for the musical organization. Problem? That “Tiny Dancer” is Maxine Taupin, whom admittedly had been never ever a seamstress for Elton John along with his musical organization, but ended up being the motivation behind her Bernie that is then-husband Taupin’s.

“once I had been more youthful, we adored ballet, ” Taupin informs THR inside her second-ever interview. “And once we had been touring and Elton and I also had been shopping, we would usually head to tourist shops in which he would buy these small circular spots that i might sew on their denim coat along with his jeans. But which was the degree of my sewing. ”

Dexter Fletcher’s Rocketman in reality will pay homage towards the design, as Taron Egerton (playing the singer) dons the certain denim ensemble throughout the film’s “Tiny Dancer” series. “ we thought that has been great since it ended up being representational of that time period. Which was large amount of enjoyable. ”

Taupin recalls the iconic track as alone Bernie had kept secret from her throughout their relationship.

“How it might work had been, Bernie would sequester himself inside the study, compose the words, demonstrate to them to me personally and have the things I looked at them, after which we’d drive them down seriously to Elton in London, ” she says.

“But I’d never heard of words to ‘Tiny Dancer. ’ Bernie offered them to Elton. We arrived at Trident Studios also it had been simply the engineer, Elton, Bernie and myself in addition they played that track. They seemed at me personally and Bernie said, ‘We published this for you personally. ’ it absolutely was just an away from human body experience.