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Getting hitched into the Philippines. Necessary Documents and Information

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If you assume that engaged and getting married in the Philippines is an easy process, you're mistaken. You can find a serious few hoops to leap through to get hitched within the Philippines, particularly if you are under age 25.

Don't allow the wedding permit rules of this Republic of the Philippines place a dent in your wedding plans, though. Here is what you should know and exactly what papers to carry to you before you submit an application for a Philippines wedding permit. We advice getting this appropriate element of your wedding taken care of about per month before your date for your wedding.

Needs may vary as each county within the Republic associated with Philippines could have their requirements that are own.

The local civil registrar will ask to see your original birth certificates or your baptismal certificates if this is your first marriage. Certified copies might be accepted. You'll want to offer the name that is full residence, and citizenship of the moms and dads or guardians.

If either of you isn't a citizen of this Philippines, you need to provide your passport and a certification of appropriate capability to contract wedding. An affidavit instead of the certification may additionally be accepted. You ought to talk with a U.S. Officer that is consular cause them to become supplying the affidavit.

Age Needs, Parental Consent, and Parental Guidance

If you're under the chronilogical age of 18, you simply cannot get married when you look at the Philippines regardless of if your mother and father are OK because of the marriage.