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For Russia’s Bad, Blond Hair Is Snippet of Silver

MOSALSK, Russia ? the street into city is just a potholed track, moving villages of log cabins and fallow areas that speak to your poverty that includes gripped this section of main Russia so long as everyone can remember.

But for a lane where geese waddle through dirty puddles, a stone building holds crate upon crate of the region’s one valuable harvestable commodity: peoples locks, a lot of it naturally blond.

This is golden treasure for the global beauty industry.

“Nobody else has this, no one on the planet, ” said Aleksei N. Kuznetsov, the building’s owner. “Russian locks is the better in the world. ”

Purchasers of individual locks, many of them small-scale Russian and itinerant that is ukrainian whom sell to hair processors like Mr. Kuznetsov, flock to bad areas similar to this. Money in hand, they spend tiny amounts for the head’s worth of tresses sheared from women that usually have few alternatives that are economic.