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Piper Chapman Piper Elizabeth Chapman may be the primary protagonist of Orange is the latest Ebony.
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Piper Chapman

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Clare Foley (Young Piper)





This woman is a previous inmate at Litchfield Penitentiary before being provided for optimum protection following the Riot in Litchfield Penitentiary that took place in Season Five, from where she got released early. She's the "prison spouse" of Alex Vause because they aren't lawfully hitched. She actually is portrayed by Taylor Schilling. In the 1st periods this woman is portrayed since the entitled and notably self-absorbed protagonist, whom usually annoys her fellow inmates and several viewers; with time her character gets to be more of a villain and also by period 4 she actually is the first choice of a white supremacist gang and a self-proclaimed "gangsta having an a". She actually is unpopular with experts and fans for the show, and contains been described by experts being a "dreaded narrative requisite" to be able to inform more interesting tales concerning the other inmates.

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In the show' begin, Piper seems to be a notably innocent girl whom strives become on her most readily useful behavior rather than be in difficulty with some of the inmates while doing her time quietly.