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Correlates of Oral Sex and genital Intercourse in Early and Middle Adolescence


This research examined whether a thorough pair of psychosocial facets ended up being similarly predictive of both adolescent intercourse that is vaginal dental intercourse among 1,105 adolescents aged 12–16. Logistic regressions had been utilized to look at the relationships between parental interaction, religiosity, bonding to college, hefty consuming, intercourse expectancies, normative philosophy, and both dental intercourse and intercourse that is vaginal. Age, gender, bonding to college, hefty ingesting, and negative wellness expectancies predicted both dental intercourse and intercourse that is vaginal. Parental communication had been connected with genital sexual intercourse not dental intercourse. Behavior-specific normative philosophy had been differentially related to dental and genital intercourse.

Few research reports have analyzed the chance and factors that are protective with oral intercourse,

Despite present findings suggesting that adolescents are more inclined to participate in dental intercourse than vaginal sexual intercourse (Prinstein, Meade, & Cohen, 2003; Remez, 2000). Nationwide information suggest that between 36% and 49% of adolescents aged 15–19 report having involved with oral intercourse (Gates & Sonenstein, 2000; Hoff, Greene, & Davis, 2003). These information are cause for concern provided research showing that dental intercourse places individuals at some danger for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as for example peoples papillomavirus (HPV) and gonorrhea (Edwards & Carne, 1998).