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Science Fiction Studies

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The Fetishization of Masculinity in Science Fiction: The Cyborg therefore the Console Cowboy

One aspect that is significant of technofetishism could be the intensification of our social lust for brand new technologies. We come across such "technolust" celebrated in Wired magazine’s regular "Fetish" spot; this covers a variety of new items from technical devices including the MindDrive—a sensor sleeve that slips onto the index little finger for people game players who tire of holding a joystick—to new and much more manly means of consuming ginseng. As Tim Barkow writes, "Brewing up tea as being a boon to your manhood simply too femme? A means of getting your daily dose of ginseng that’s as butch as the root’s reputation at last there’s. " (65).

Wired’s ginseng fetish is revealing, for just what are at stake let me reveal not merely a type of commodity fetishism. Wired’s ad evokes a psychoanalytic framework in that the fetish wards from the danger of feminization. The sight of which can be a source of castration anxiety for the male subject in orthodox psychoanalytic readings, it is always the woman who is fetishized; the fetish masks her horrifying lack of sexual difference. In this reading, the fetish stands set for the woman’s missing phallus and facilitates the disavowal of her "castration, " protecting the male topic from the looked at his or her own feasible "feminization. " The new form of ginseng as a phallic fetish in similar fashion, Wired promotes. Faced by the castrating possibility of brewing tea, a man subject is conserved because of the brand brand brand new, technologically-advanced, and accordingly butch ginseng, which functions being a phallic fetish by shoring up the masculinity associated with the implied audience of Wired mag.