Irish Women / 01.04.2020

Could I simply simply take parental leave if my partner unemployed?

Hello! We moved to Sweden, and I also see to my pages I take 90 days for parental leave if my wife unemployed? 2) How much from my salary I'll have for parental benefits after 1 year of work that I have 240 days for parental leave1) Can?

1) Yes you are able to, the proper towards the parental advantage do not be determined by if both moms and dads are utilized or otherwise not.

2) The basic guideline is whenever a young child exists the moms and dads have actually 480 times of parental advantage designed for the little one. The very first 180 times that moms and dads make an application for have actually particular conditions.

First, those times have to be on S-level (sjukpenningniva). The 2nd guideline states that in cases where a moms and dad is required those very very first 180 times on S-level may be paid on the basis of the current earnings but as long as the moms and dad that is trying to get those times was used by 8 months prior to the kid was created and when that moms and dad's annual earnings is at least 82 100 SEK.

The moms and dad trying to get parental advantage would should also have the right to a yearly income (SGI) in order to be compensated considering that annual earnings.