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25 points to understand right before heading out having a Greek feminine

1. Don't be actually distressed which our business are in fact consistently being spat on

” FTISEEEEEEE!! ” (Spit! ) It is heard by you constantly. Spewing for the greek brides lifestyle is obviously an approach of depriving them of any kind of sort of heinous presence, using the jinx off a very important factor as well as primarily perhaps perhaps perhaps not attractive future.

” Mum, my new task is certainly going very well! ” Mum: “Ftise! ”

Mum in my opinion: “You look therefore wonderful because outfit” me personally: “Ftiseeeeee Maaaaaa! ”

Spitting appears like 2nd nature to your team. Whenever our team have instinct to spew, to ‘protect’ an individual aswell even as we don’t spit, it does not feel right. Oh, as well as its always that are own spits. FTOO. FTOO. FTOO.

2. Our business called EVERYONE ‘malaka’

Perhaps you have heard Greek buddies resolve each other? Or perhaps exactly exactly how about angry cabby in Greece? Or maybe each time a Greek is really supporting his/her favourite activities team, however they are actually shedding? Basically, they've been actually all “MALAKES”. Single form being “malaka”. And nope, it is perhaps perhaps not title that is everyone’s it actually suggests ‘wanker’.

It’s not consistently used strongly, insultingly or madly, yet virtually endearingly. I call my cousin regarding the mention and phone: “Ela (Hi) malaka! ” Feel it or perhaps not, i will be really perhaps maybe not calling my sis a wanker, yet rather, in a few twisted technique that is affectionate “sibling”.

3. You’ll have to find out keywords and phrases like ‘ta matia sou dekatessera’

Our moms and dads’ and additionally grandparents’ preferred search phrase to state to your offspring whenever they’re occurring every night out, happening getaway, picking out a stroll, taking place a romantic date, crossing the roadway, ALMOST ANYTHING.