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Should you are taking down a 401(k) loan to repay charge cards?

I enjoy inform people that today finance that is personal like rocket science. There’s a great deal to understand and far from it could be pretty confusing.

Not long ago I invited Lanta Evans-Motte, A maryland-based monetary adviser with Raymond James Financial Services to answer reader questions within my weekly on the web chat.

Evans-Motte is a licensed insurance professional, and Registered Financial Consultant. She’s an educator that is financial happens to be a monetary literacy advocate for longer than 20 years.

Here’s Evans-Motte’s answers to visitors questions regarding their workplace your your retirement plan.

401 (k) loan vs. charge card interestQ: my spouce and i are considering using a $20,000 loan on our 401(k) to settle greater debt that people would repay ourselves in 36 months and without taxation charges. The attention price on payment into the 401(k) is at 2 per cent also it all extends back to your your your retirement account. The high interest credit card rate of interest is between 6 per cent and 13 percent. We now have $19,000 in personal credit card debt and $300,000 inside our k that is 401. We have been 36 years old and have now an income that is joint of195,000 per year. Our monthly costs are around $5,000 four weeks. Could you recommend taking right out this loan or having to pay it well in the present rates of interest?

Evans-Motte: Kudos on saving $300,000 by 36.