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Mucositis frequently gets better a weeks that are few chemotherapy finishes.

Lack of appetite

You may lose your appetite if you are having chemotherapy, however you should you will need to take in a great amount of fluids and consume what you could.

  • Consume small meals more regularly in the place of 3 bigger dishes every day
  • Eat snacks that are healthy
  • Eat meals that are light the afternoon of the therapy
  • Drink beverages gradually through a straw, instead of consuming them right from a cup

Inform your care group if you should be concerned about your diet or shortage of appetite.

Skin and nail modifications

Some chemotherapy medications may cause short-term modifications to your skin layer.

For instance, it might be:

  • Dry
  • Slightly discoloured (this can be patchy)
  • More responsive to sunlight
  • Sore and red
  • Itchy