PrivateCams Live Webcam / 25.07.2020

Rage Against Information Dominance: A Brand New Hope. Throughout these updates, we are going to do our far better avoid technical terms, obscure sources or abstract conversations.

You are wanted by us to be familiar with just just how information energy has exploded and exactly why we must work. This post centers around information and competition legislation developments in britain.

  • In July 2019, great britain competition regulator began examining online platforms and advertising that is digital. In December 2019, they published their interim report.
  • The interim report discovers that both Bing and Facebook enjoy "significant market energy" in areas like internet search engine and electronic marketing. It recommends a few possible solutions, with one of these depending on information sharing.
  • We submitted reviews on the interim report, inviting privacy-friendly solutions such as for instance a rule of training, privacy enhancing technologies, increased user control of their information, information portability, in addition to interoperability of online solutions.
  • Nevertheless, we have been highly in opposition to any solutions concerning the sharing of individual information, even yet in an anonymised kind.