News / 02.09.2020

101 Kinky Things - a comprehensive selection of Kinks and Fetishes

You can find far more than 101 kinks and fetishes available to you, but allow's glance at a few of them - for fascination, for enjoyable. For technology.

Additionally, understand why list is a combination of Kinks AND Fetishes (fetishes being a thing that isn’t always intimate, but individuals have a diploma of sexual arousal as a result).

Prepared to roll your sleeves and obtain dirty?

NOTE: (E) = Edge play, kink with a heightened risk/danger element

  • 1950’s Fetish – roleplay for the conventional, United states, nuclear household – are practiced backwards
  • 24/7 – a charged power exchange relationship that functions 24/7
  • Abduction Seduction – kidnapping someone however in a manner that is loving
  • Adult Baby – acting like an baby, using diapers and care that is receiving
  • Aliens – dream about making love with aliens, frequently abduction and forced
  • Amazonian – wanting to obtain it on with strong, respected ladies
  • Amputees – getting turned on by people who have amputations
  • Rectal intercourse – some social individuals similar to it into the butt
  • Armpits – arousal or satisfaction from smelling, licking, or kissing armpits
  • Autofellatio – some guy offering a blowjob to himself
  • Bare-backing – sex with no condom (E)
  • Toilet Control – determining an individual may use the restroom
  • Biting – gimme those teeth