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Marriage License - Congratulations in your engagement! Isn't it time to begin preparing your fantasy vegas wedding?

In the minimal Las vegas Chapel, our company is right here to help make your ideal wedding a real possibility! We know how overwhelming preparing your wedding may be, therefore why don't we assist. Your first rung on the ladder in getting hitched in vegas is having your wedding permit!

Before going to the tiny Vegas Chapel for the vegas wedding, a marriage must be obtained by you permit!

Getting a married relationship License in Las vegas, nevada

The tiny Las Las Vegas Chapel allows you and stress able to get married in Las vegas, nevada! To be able to have lawfully binding ceremony, you have to get a married relationship permit from a married relationship License Bureau in Nevada. There clearly was only 1 wedding permit workplace you are able to head to in Las vegas, nevada to have your wedding permit!

The first thing is always to fill out of the Clark County Marriage License Pre-Application on the web.

We recommend one of the first things to do is obtaining your marriage license when you and your partner arrive in Las Vegas!

Go right to the Clark County Marriage License Bureau

Common Issues About Marriage Licenses in Las Vegas, Nevada

Wedding licenses are legitimate for just one after the issue date year. What this means is it is possible to have the wedding permit documents finalized by the officiant whenever you want within 1 of the date you purchased the license year.

Candidates needs to be at the very least 18 years old to have hitched. For those who have additional questions regarding getting a married relationship permit in Las vegas, nevada, supply the minimal Las vegas Chapel a call.