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Assessing for relationship of convenience. In the event that papers submitted do...

In the event that papers submitted try not to provide sufficient evidence of an authentic conjugal relationship inside the context of a married relationship or common-law relationship, or if officers question that the applicant is coping with the sponsor, an officer may request extra information or schedule an interview. To greatly help evaluate whether R4(1) demands are met, an officer has got the discernment, on a case-by-case basis, to request that the sponsor and applicant complete and submit a Supplementary union Questionnaire IMM 5526 (PDF, 742 KB ) and/or to convoke them for an meeting.

Common-law or spouse partner in Canada situations requiring further research should always be described an inland IRCC workplace. The IRCC that is local office interview both the sponsor while the applicant, separately, to ascertain if the relationship is genuine.