My Favorite Oils For The Hair


I always get asked by you guys on what my favorite oils is. And my answer to it, is I actually don’t have just one favorite because all of the oils that I have been using have different purposes. So I will list down all of my favorites oils and also their uses and benefits for your hair.

1. Coconut oil– This is probably one of my top favorite oils because it is almost great to use at everything. It’s is great to use for the skin and hair. It promotes hair growth and a healthy scalp, it has antibacterial properties, it prevents lice and dandruff, and it is such a great conditioner for the hair. (CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO FOR MY PICKS)


2. Sweet Almond Oil– This is my favorite for making the hair extremely smooth. This oil is extremely rich in Vitamin E and is also a great source of magnesium that can aid to hair growth and it can help lessen hair fall. (CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO SEE MY PICKS)


3. Castor Oil– This oil is probably famous for its hair growth abilities.It can help you grow out your eyebrows, lashes, and hair because this help increase the circulation of the blood flow in your scalp.  This can strengthen your roots and it prevents hair loss.


4. Sesame Oil– This is mostly known a cooking oil, but didn’t you know that this has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties so this prevents your hair from lice or any scalp infection. This is also a great treatment for dandruff and dry hair because this is very conditioning for your scalp and your all over hair. (CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO FOR MY PICKS)


5. Grapeseed oil– This oil is also a good hot oil treatment because this is very moisturizing for both your skin and hair. This is great for retaining moisture and this is considered one of the lighter oils that is great to mix with other thick carrier oils or either Shea butter for easy application. (CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO FOR MY PICKS)


6. Tea Tree Oilis a great to use if you are dealing with dandruff or either itchy scalp and this oil can help prevent hair loss because it has an anti-androgenic effects. Plus, this can help your hair grow long and strong by keeping your scalp clean and healthy and it gets rid of dead cells, and unblocks hair follicles.(CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO FOR MY PICKS)


7. Argan Oil-This is probably one of oils that is very popular in the hair market these days and I can see why. This is a good treatment for damaged hair, because it is rich in linoleic acid, omega-6 fatty acid, and anti-oxidants. This prevents split ends, and it helps tame down any frizz  on your hair. This is a great conditioner for the hair as well.(CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO FOR MY PICKS)





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