The Baggy Method-For Tangled Hair,Split Ends and Breakage, and Extremely Dry Hair

I decided to do this method since you some of guys have suggested that I try this out. This Baggy method helps lock in the moisture on your hair thus it is great for extremely dry hair, it can also prevent split ends and breakage and this helps tame down the frizz on your hair and keeping your hair tangle free all day.

Here is the video that I made here:

All you need are:

  1. Moisturizer/Leave-in Leave-on conditioner/ Hair oils of your choice

     2.  Plastic bag- Saran wrap- Cling Wrap

Ingredients that I personally used in the video: 

Method 1:  Mane ‘n Tail Moisture Enriched Hair Strengthener– I use this to days to where I know that the next day I will have to go out. 


Method 2: I used Organic Coconut Oil and Organic Shea Butter– These are the combinations that I use on days that on the next day I will just staying at home. I just usually put my hair in braids after I do this method. 




  1. Apply your moisturizer, leave on conditioner or oils of your choice on your hair and make sure that every strand is fully coated. You either apply this all over your hair or just on the bottom part of your hair. Ideally, put this on areas on your hair that needs moisturizing, such as your ends. 
  2. Wrap your hair with either a cling wrap or a plastic, I used both actually. If you don’t like using plastic you can also use a shower cap. 
  3. The time you leave it in is totally up to you. You can leave it for 2-7 hours or even overnight. It depends on how you can make this fit in your schedule. 
  4. Remove the plastic bag and let your hair dry because according to other people, it is not good to leave  your hair damp or wet all the time.

Things to remember:

  • DO NOT WASH IT OUT after. You can only wash your hair on your next hair washing day. 
  • You can do this anytime your hair needs moisture. I personally planned to do this 3 times a week, but once again you can do this anytime you want to although it is NOT required that you have to do this every single day. for  me I don’t think it’s practical to do it especially if I am applying oils on my hair because it can make your hair stink after a while. 

My Experience and Update:

So far my hair really likes it and I do like the softening effect on my hair. My hair is way more manageable and it made my hair more straight. I’ll do an updated after I do this for two weeks.  Here are my results. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you guys tried out this method yet? if so, what are your thoughts and experience about it? I am very interested to know because I know that some of you have already tried this when I made the video. 





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