Hair Journey Progress 1:


Ok, so I just trimmed my ends. It’s freshly cut. I also just unleashed my hair from my braid so that’s why it looks wavy like that. I have been liking the Baggy Method at the moment and I am planning to actually continue this for the next month and see how it works. I’m also planning to change up my leave on-in conditioners that I am going to use and see if that is going to make more improvements on my hair.

So far, I really like how my hair is doing right now because it is way more manageable and putting my hair in braids most of the time helps me avoid getting split ends. Speaking of split ends, in my spare time I like to sit beside the window and I search and destroy them split ends if I see that there’s any. Haha… I’m also thinking of buying a new hair scissors again because I always see to it that the scissors that I am using for my hair is sharp when I trim it.

Furthermore, I have been searching for more hair growth methods that I can try along with the baggy method and something that I can fit in my hair care routine. I’m so open to trying out new hair products and I just actually bought some new hair care products as well that I am excited to try out. I’ll share it with you guys soon.

How are you guys doing with your hair growth journey?

Much love,




11 thoughts on “Hair Journey Progress 1:

  1. Mehak says:

    Hy keren, im mehak nd im trying ur Diy masks i use to see your every vedio and i enjoy it alot specially coconut tretlatmnt for my hair but i found reetha and sikhakhai shampoo much bttr with coconut mask im following this retha sikhakhai shampoo from lst 5 month n now my hair is thin n some long i found much btter hairs i want u to show retha sikhakhai diy mask used in ancient times by indian women for long growing hair….


  2. KaHee says:

    Hi, my name is KaHee and I watch a lot of your videos just because you have really beautiful hair. I used to have long hair ( kind of above my waist) but it was really damaged. When I was little, I had really healthy hair but the weird part is that only the outer part of my hair had straight hair and the inner part of my hair was curly. My mum permenently straightened my hair and after that, I think I permenently straightened my hair about 7 times. My mum doesn’t believe in buying hair products except for shampoo and conditioner so I grew my hair out for 4 years without permenently straightening my hair. I guess you could say that my hair is really damaged and had split ends all over my head. Whenever i brush my hair(i brush it really gently), a lot of hair just breaks off. I also got made fun of at school just because of my hair looking really dull and it was really thick(I have thick hair). A lot of people said that it looked like a broomstick so I ended up cutting my hair last December and decided that I wanted healthy hair. I ended up cutting it up to my shoulders and my mum agreed buying products for me. I just really want to know how to have really healthy hair because I want to have really healthy hair instead of being really damaged. Also, some of the oils you mentioned, my country doesn’t sell them. I really would like it if you would give me some tips on how to get long and healthy hair.


  3. Yulisa says:

    It seems like my hair is taking for ever to grow but I am happy that I am doing this too to grow out my hair and I love your videos the’re so cool specially the headless curls


  4. Murchana says:

    Hi keren. Hru? I m a regular viewer of ur vdos. After watching ur vdos my hair hs grown much healthier. Do kp on uploading more diys. Also plz do a diy on henna. Its really gd for ur hair. Also i really love ur blog. Its awesome.



  5. MonicaN says:

    Hey Keren,I love your videos on YouTube and your hair is so gorgeous ! I’m trying to grow my hair long after watching your videos and I have tried some of your tips and DIYs and they have worked well for my hair which is curly and grows very slowly. I’d like you to try a mask made of amla powder(gooseberry),egg and coconut oil. I leaves the hair shiny,more manageable and silky ! See if you can make your DIY using Amla powder because it is great for hair ! I’d love to hear more tips on how to grow hair long and healthy ! Thank you πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work !!!


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