5 Ways To Deal With Tangled and Dry Hair- How To Have Manageable Hair-Beautyklove

This is  probably the most frequently asked question from you guys so here is my take on it. Some of the tips that I have here I mentioned already from my past videos, but I know I have new subscribers, and I also narrowed it down to 5 simple steps that I personally do it myself because if you have long hair you’d surely experience tangles on your hair from time to time especially if your hair is dry or damaged.

  1. Deep Conditioning Hair Mask- Having soft, manageable and tangled free hair starts in your hair care routine. So this is why I really like deep conditioning my hair once a week. Ever since I did this I noticed that my hair is very easy to manage and also it felt soft and moisturized.

You can check out my DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask For Dry and Damaged Hair-Get Soft And Manageable Hair here:

Sometimes, if I don’t have time to do my DIY hair treatments especially if I am not at home or if I am travelling then I like to use some ready made hair masks.

Here are my favorite/must try and the Deep Conditioning Hair Masks that I have been eyeing:

2.  Use a Detangler Comb, Detangling Brush or a Wide Tooth Comb- This is going to save your hair from breaking when you comb your hair and it is generally safe to use instead of your regular brush just in general if you have extremely tangled hair because this is going to prevent you from split ends from breakage and further more damage.


3. Use Protective hairstyles like braids- My go to hairstyle at the moment are braids. I sometimes do fishtail braids or either I do just a regular braid. Braids are great for protecting your hair from tangles and breakage and I really like the waves that it gives my hair when I unravel it, so that’s always a bonus because you get two hairstyles after.



4. Leave in-on Conditioners & Oil Serums- I find this a must in my hair care routine because this helps moisturizes my hair all day and it also keeps my hair tangled free and I like how this gives my hair a nice scent. I think we can all agree to having a good smelling hair. Plus, if you are dealing with frizz on your hair, oil serums is such a great remedy to frizzy hair because this is something that you can use and leave on your hair all day to keep it hydrated and manageable.

Here are my selections:

You can also go for Dove’s Hair Vitamins. I’m pretty sure you’ve all seen me using this hair vitamins on some of my hair care routine. This one I think is new, but it still work just as good as the one that I am using.


5. Baggy Method- I think sometimes the key to making your hair soft and manageable is to be consistent in your hair care routine and going for the baggy method approach or challenge is surely going to make you want to do this regularly because this requires you to consistently moisturize your hair. I’m on week two of doing this method and I really like how it made my hair really controllable, tangled and knot free. That’s why if you think your hair lacks moisture definitely try out this method.

Here is the video of the Baggy Method:




7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Deal With Tangled and Dry Hair- How To Have Manageable Hair-Beautyklove

  1. Sara says:

    Hi so do you know do you know what to do to get soft hair cause I tried a bunch of hair masks my hair is long and silky but I really want it to be gift and smooth what hair mask would you recommend.Also do you put Aragan oil on your hair every night?


  2. Sam says:

    Hey Karen, I love your videos.. I have been using your hair oil mask and absolutely love the result. Iam planning to grow out my hair. My hair is asian type and super curly. Once I shampoo and condition my hair and let it air dry it sort of frizzes out and becomes quite unmanagable. Leads to breakage, hair loss. I shampoo and oil my hair twice a week but rinse it with water every other day. Could you suggest a way out to tame my curly frizzy hair. Can you do videos on natural hair stuff like diy natural hair sprays, hair serums and leave on conditioners.


  3. Sara says:

    Hi so do you know what to do to get smooth hair cause I tried a bunch to get smooth and silky hair even olive oil but that made my hair brittle I use coconut oil and the st tropics hair mask I like the result but how do you maintain the smoothness for me it goes away in a day plus do you put Aragan oil in your hair every night
    Thanks love your videos bye


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