Summer Hair Growth Challenge-Summer HAir Growth Challenge -Hair Care Routine Guide For Growing Long Hair-BEAUTYKLOVE

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So it is finally here you guys! Since some of you wanted to know what my hair care routine is for growing my hair long this summer so I decided to lay it all out here. So that if you are joining this Hair Growth Challenge you can follow along if you want to.

Firsts things first- “LET’S MEASURE OUR HAIR ON THE 4TH OF MAY.”

So here are the following steps to it.

  1. Inversion Method-So for 7 days starting May 4 to May 10 we are going to be inverting our heads, but however I will only oil my hair 3 times throughout the week, but however you can totally oil your hair for 7 days if you want to as well. If you don’t know what the Inversion method is please check the video down below for reference.



2. After 7 days of the Inversion method, I will be using my DIY hair growth mask 2 times a week and any hair masks that I have here that specifically promotes hair growth. If you are doing this with me feel free to use whatever it is that you have in mind, but if you want a guide here are some that I can recommend.

If you want a ready made one. Here is my go to hair mask if I don’t have time to make my own or if I am travelling because it is very ideal for me to bring it anywhere. You can get it here:


For the DIY’s:


3. Leave in Hair Growth Serum- I will use this every other day on my scalp. NOTE: If you feel that your scalp is getting too oily because of this, then feel free to stop using it.

4. Take in Hair Vitamins- I am personally taking a Hair, Skin, Nails Vitamins and I am taking it along with Zinc & Magnesium because I find that it helps my skin not to breakout. You can use whatever brand you have available but probably one of my favorites would be the Vitalize Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins. YOU CAN FIND IT HERE->

5. Use Shampoos and Conditioners that Promotes Hair Growth- Now you can go for the natural shampoos or either you can also go for the regular shampoos as well. I’m using both because during my oiling days I will need to use a clarifying shampoo to actually get rid of the excess oils on my hair. 

That’s it. I made it very simple for now so that you don’t get overwhelmed and this is just the start of it so let me know if you have any concerns or if you are joining in the comments down below.

And most of all let’s have fun and enjoy our hair growth progress. 

Much Love, 




6 thoughts on “Summer Hair Growth Challenge-Summer HAir Growth Challenge -Hair Care Routine Guide For Growing Long Hair-BEAUTYKLOVE

  1. Nivedeeta kale says:

    Yes I am in for the challenge and eagerly waiting for 4th may to come. For how long are we going to do this by the way? Is it just for a month?


  2. Sasa says:

    Hi ..i like your way and your hair tooo much …and l start to follow you question is
    What is your organic shampoo & conditionet ..
    Thank you ♡


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