DIY Hair Growth Smoothie That Stops Hair Loss, Hair Fall & Premature Grey Hair-Beautyklove


So here is a healthy and a good tasting smoothie that you can incorporate on your diet to help your hair grow faster and longer. So you will need the following:


  1. Celery– Celery has a large source of the mineral silica, which can make your hair stronger and prevent it from breakage because  aids to fortify your blood vessels, thus it promotes blood flow to your scalp  for a healthy hair growth. It is also rich in vitamin A, C, & E that are essential for hair growth and furthermore celery has some anti-aging & anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Carrots– it is said that consuming carrots encourages the hair growth and thickens your hair because it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C that can improve the circulation in the scalp, thus it promotes hair grow and as well stops premature graying of hair.
  3. Apple– Contain Procyanidin B-2, a natural compound that handles proteins in a way that makes new hair grow. It also contains polyphenol a compound from apples that was proven to promote new hair growth in men with male pattern baldness.
  4. Cucumber– It is said that cucumbers reduces hair fall and also it detoxifies your body. It contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and it is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin C, & manganese.
  5. Pineapple -Is fully packed with Vitamin C, B1, B6, & Vitamin A that are essential for hair growth and preventing hair fall.

So chop off all of these ingredients into chunks. The proportion depends on how much you are making.

In a blender add in 1 cup of water, and then 1 cup of crushed ice, and sugar to taste. You can honey, or Stevia, or any sweeter of your choice. 🙂

And after that this is what it looks like.


Video Direction & Reference Here:


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