My name is Keren. I own a channel on YouTube called Beautyklove. I do Hair Care, Hair Tutorials, DIY Hair Masks  and anything Hair related videos on YouTube.  I am very passionate about hair and I am willing to help girls who are in need of their hair dilemmas.  I also do hair product reviews and so much more. I choose to be flexible with my posts sometimes because aside from hair I do have a lot of passions as well like I love makeup tutorials, DIY, fashion and cooking videos on my channel as well.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. The Average Gurl says:

    You have the same layout as my blog. We both have great taste👀😂 lol. Anyway, I love your YouTube channel and can’t wait for more content this February!💖


  2. Anjali Karasi says:

    Hey Keren!! I am Anjali… I am from India…. I am new to your YouTube channel as well as to your blog but the moment I turned up to your channel, I instantly fell in love with it… Bless you with loads of love… :*


  3. Jacinta says:

    Hi Keren,
    I love you and I love your hair😘
    Ever since I found your channel on YouTube, I just wait for any new video uploads from you to watch.
    I am trying to grow my hair really long too. Your videos are very helpful.
    You are very sweet and kind.
    I don’t watch YouTube much but you channel is the only channel I saved.



  4. Mary Gouge says:

    Hi Keren,
    I have been subscribed to you for over a year and a half now. I love your videos and you do a great job on them! Do you think it would be possible if you could do a video on how to grow out baby hairs on your hairline? When I put my hair up in a ponytail or bun my baby hairs stick up and out like devil horns, not kidding lol


  5. Faria says:

    Hi Keren! Hope you will be Fine…
    Keren can you tell me any Vegitable Fruite Drink.. whome can Brighter whole Body Colour . i will be thankfull to you … i am 28years Female From Pakistan.
    Waiting for your Reply


  6. Marypat says:

    I. Think u. Are a wonderful influence for young ladies. U. Are. So. Sweet and. So pretty i. Love watching yr videos. My hair. Is so. Healthy now
    Thanku. Again


  7. Koko says:

    Hey Keren 🙂
    Just wanted to ask you something? Have you been taking hair vitamins ever since the day you decided you wanna grow your hair long like Lara Croft or did that get added to your regimen along the way? Also would recommend trying inversion and supplements at the same time to maximise growth?
    I love you videos, please keep them coming and have a beautiful day ahead 🙂 xx


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